What is a Splatter Film?

For the simplest answer a Splatter Film is a horror movie with more gore aspects and scenes than most, first coined by George Romero for his movie Dawn of The Dead. This sub-genre although unnamed at the time was first thought to be created with the Herschell Gordon Lewis movie Blood Feast.

Blood Feast

For the first time on screen there was depictions of blood and gore on the screen in full graphic realism. From the get go the movie showed more blood and gore than ever before. From the 60's onwards this sub branch continued to grow as more and more people learnt the art of special effects bringing great artists like Dick Smith, Tom Savini, Rick Bake, Rob Bottin, Giannetto De Rossi and Peter Jackson into the public arena. 

Cannibal Holocaust

And now with the next generation riding on the wave created by these industry leaders. The Splatter film has gone from B-Grade movies of the exploitation films of the 70's to the A grade movies of the 80's such as American Werewolf in London, The Thing, Bad Taste and The Evil Dead. Series to name a few. 

The Thing

With Equipment and the digital age making so much of the film industry cheaper. It is certain that the splatter film will stay popular for many many decades to come with great new indie projects and international studios always breaking new ground. 

Tokyo Gore Police


  1. me and my ex would always watch the WORST splatter films ever.. kind of a hobby :O