Return of The Living Dead, lets get back to this blogging thing.

So tonight I watched Return of The Living Dead, a classic splatterpunk zombie movie from 1985. Originally the brain child of John Russo of Night of The Living Dead fame, he had retained the rights for "Living Dead" when he and Romero parted company. This film was based on Russo's novel, and had been slated for Tobe Hooper to Direct and a 3D release to have been made. When Tobe backed down to make his Space Vampire epic Lifeforce,  Dan O'Bannon took over the direction totally re writing Russos script making it the new more comedic "Splatstick" version. 

With special effects by puppeteers Allan Trautman, and Tony Gardner this is one of my personal favourite horror films. The Tarman Especially is to this day on of the greatest zombies ever made, and his scene is a classic canon that any horror enthusiast knows "Brains...more brains
More Brains!
But at the core of this film, like Return of The Living Dead 3 is a love story, now as a gore guy I have a warped sense of romance something my Girlfriend luckily appreciates. But the tale of our main protagonists as he slides into a Zombie state and his long suffering girlfriends is a story that I feel has been lost in current horrors.  Freddy and Tina's struggle right till the very end of the film is an amazing sub story, even down to the fact that Tina's brains are the ones he craves alone. I like to think that when the Zombie apocalypse comes my gals brains will be the only brains for me. Although reality is I will most likely wake up chained to the bed with her standing over me with a turkey baster.... She likes to be on the winning team.
Love After Death.
Another great aspect is the soundtrack to the film filled with great Punk and Metal songs, it always brings me back to the years when punk was dirty, angry and I loved it. The trioxin theme at the start is well made and one of my personal favourite movie starting scenes. The whole movie is a joy visually and combined with the music is a real time capsule to a time pre cgi when movie magic was just that magic. Some thing I feel a lot of modern movies fail to capitalise on. 

So if your looking for a classic film that still holds true in a genre that has been overdone, check out Return of The Living Dead. With great effects, classic one liners, dead naked chicks and a love story to boot I give this one 7/10 Splats. It's not classic horror but it's not what it is meant to be. 


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  2. I've been looking for a new zombie film to watch. All the names are so damn similar. Definitely gonna give this one a shot