Hounds of Hell!

The Demon Queen and the Demon Pup
My dog is in heat. She's a mutt, a good mix between a boxer and some kind of terrier. Not sure what kind. Her name is Heidi Mills Demon Pup (Just Heidi for short) and she's my constant companion. I don't know what I'd do without her.

Unfortunately, I live in a neighborhood where everyone just lets their dogs run all over the damn place and are completely uncaring for what the outcome is. Since Heidi's been in heat (and she's only one of 2 female dogs here and the other female is fixed already) I've woke up every morning with at least six male dogs on my porch waiting for her.

This terrifies me, and that's the reason I've chose to share this rant with splattercore--dogs are freakin bat-shit crazy scary, especially when there's a whole pack of them stalking my house. 

She's winking...and that's scary as hell.
Most of the dogs' owners around here come after their dogs once they realize that they're missing, but there's two dogs (same owner) who stay here all the time and never go home until I gather my wits about me and chase them off with rocks, sticks, boards with nails, or whatever I can find. This TERRIFIES ME because these are big dogs and I've seen them hurt other dogs, so they could easily hurt me, too. 

What's more--I have four kids who love to play outside. They can't do that when all those big scary dogs are out there, and even if the dogs take a break and go home, their, um, messes are still all over my yard. Believe me, I can't clean up after them fast enough. I woke up yesterday morning to find that sometime through the night, while Heidi and I were fast asleep, the pack of wild dogs tore up all my garbage, too. 

Thanks, ass holes....

One of the two dogs that practically stays here kinda reminds me of Cujo. The fact that I wake up every single morning to a pack of crazy lust filled dogs in my yard has almost moved me to plot out a new horror short story about a woman protecting her home against the hounds of hell. I may just do it, and when I do, I'll write the dedication out to the owners of the two big scary ones, and then thank them for never keeping their dogs at home. 


Little dogs are creepy, too.
I'm even having nightmares at night about all these dogs, and dreaming of the day when Heidi's appointment at the Vet's office comes up finally so I can have her fixed and not have to worry about crazy horny dogs in my yard tearing everything up and making it impossible for my four children to go outside and play (which keeps them out of MY hair while I'm trying to cook and do things around the house). 

So, my question (Finally, I know-I'm long winded) is this: Which scary dogs from movies do you think of when you encounter a scary dog? Some people are more afraid of small dogs than big ones (like my son, Tristan). Some are only afraid of fluffy ones. Some are scared of dobermans and rottweilers but not other types of dogs. I grew up with dobermans and rottweilers, so I'm not afraid of them at all.

Personally, I'm terrified of pit bulls, but only the ones that aren't cared for properly, and around here, there are a lot of those, too.

As much as I'm terrified of unkempt pit bulls, I do believe this q-tip doggie is the scariest one I've seen thus far. 

Share your favorite ones. Let's see if I can top them :)

That's my natural eye color...I just wear brown contacts.
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  1. Hahaha a pack of dogs at your front porch? Damn, that is scary as hell.

  2. Yeah, they won't go away! They're just sitting there...waiting...

  3. dogs involved with horror dont scare me much, then again i'm not easily scared, only startled.

  4. lol this post was a little less "spllatercore" than the rest

  5. Was just on my mind...and dogs are bat shit crazy when there's a bitch in heat lol....More "splatter" in my next post...promise :)

  6. Oh god, I remember Cujo. I saw it when I was young... I've had nightmares since haha.

  7. bice blog bro, check out mine if you get a chance

  8. Zeus-Cujo is right outside my kitchen door right now as we speak...I'm sooo not joking. It's scaring the shit out of me and my kids!

  9. That's pretty scary! Hope they go away

  10. Thank you Woodlouse...but, they're all still there :(

  11. That last dog scares me to hell. its plainly evil.

  12. That last puppy is scaring!

  13. Got this one mean ass dog that prowls the neighborhood. Would freak me the hell out of there were a pack of them.