The Crow Remake? It cannot be!!!

Yeah...that's me.
Hey folks. Rhiannon here. Just thought I'd drop into Splattercore to bitch about the upcoming remake of one of my all-time favorite, sooooper duper favorite movies EVARRRRR, The Crow.

Yeah, remember? 1993? Brandon Lee lost his life making this awesome movie that, if I'm not mistaken, derived from an awesome comic book? And I just happen to love comics.

Anyhow, some lame brain in Hollywood (not to name any names right now because I'm too pissy to fool with googling) decided that he should remake The Crow. The reason he's doing this is completely unknown, but in my opinion, no reason is a good reason to remake a classic. It's just ridiculous to try. It's gonna flop! *crosses fingers behind back*

The Crow was a great film. We all know that. However, it will be nothing....NOTHING...without the awesome soundtrack, and the bands we have to choose from today will never hold a candle to the likes of Nine Inch Nails and Hole on the original soundtrack. NEVER!!!! What ruined, gang ridden, rat infested, dumpty dump city would be complete without Courtney Love bellowing idiotic lyrics out of her manhole while wearing a dishcloth and a silk ribbon tied around it as her ensemble? It's just unthinkable that some idiot thinks he can recreate this masterpiece! Who are they gonna put on the soundtrack? Justin Bieber? Aaah!

Not to mention that the set will be haunted. If I were an actor working on the remake, I'd be incredibly suspicious of all props on the set.

I'm not finished with this yet. I'll keep everyone posted on the status of this remake as often as possible because The Crow was a film that, in my youth, caused me to really, really, really think about life in general. It centered around a really sad story in which a good lookin' fella (Brandon Lee playing the role of "Eric") takes out revenge on the thugs that viciously raped, tortured, and murdered his lady love. To do this, Eric comes back from the dead. Seriously. Only, he wasn't like a zombie. No body parts rotting and falling off.


Just watch a video, okay.

Oh, and by the way, Brandon Bruce Lee is rolling in his grave right now... RIP, sweetheart.No one forgot you or your great work on the film :)


  1. Not sure how good a remake is going to be, with the background of the original.

  2. Me neither, Ed...but I'll be keeping up with this!