Vampire Monsters Vs. Vampire Lovers - Why not both?

For those of you who may not know this about me, I'm a Mom--first and foremost. But, I wear many, many hats.  I'm also a writer, author, columnist, and reviewer (books, adult films, adult toys, comics).  I have my fingers in a lot of cookie jars! 

That being said, one of my favorite things in the world is reviewing books that make me so scared of my shadow that I'm ready to piss myself. The side of me that is also an erotica lover somewhat mingles with my horror loving side a bit, and yes, I love erotic vampire books.

I recently got a new one from Good Vibrations (I'm an affiliate of this company and also write for the Good Vibrations Magazine) that was published by Cleis Books. It's an anthology of vampire erotica called The Sweetest Kiss, and it's absolutely superb. Four stars from the reviewer (me)--and I don't give my stars away lightly.

Ahem....where was I? Oh yeah, back to the vampire erotica.

My question, however, is this: How is it that some folks out there, possibly many of you, think that a vampire cannot be a romantic being when one of the very first ones--in fact--was Dracula? If you remember correctly, Prince Vlad himself was, very much, capable of feeling love for another person/being in the form of the very odd love and possible obsession he had for Mina Harker. 

Not only was Vlad capable of feelings such as love and lust, but so were some of the very first vampires ever mentioned in history. If you research a little bit, you'll find out quite quickly that some of the very first accounts of vampires were from before medieval times. Those vampires were said to sneak in through windows and under doors in the form of a vapor. Then they would materialize into a more human form, sleep with their victims, and drain them dry of their blood. They were incubus/succubus vamps. There's LUST, if I'm not mistaken. 

I'm a vampire...RAWR!
Vampires being depicted as monsters are alright by me, too. After all, I'm a horror fan. That being said, I'm not gonna knock the vamps who are a little more human and loveable (although, I dislike the sparkling variety but loved the books and the story line that went with them). The vampires in my books are quite personable, too, even though they're bloodthirsty killers primarily. I think it's quite possible for a vampire to go out and rip someone's throat out one minute, then come home to the man/woman he or she loves and have awesome sex. Or maybe just a cuddle on the couch accompanied with some light blood play. 

Don't knock something until you try it, right? 

Please, by all means, give me your insight on this. I'd love to know from both an author standpoint and a reviewer's standpoint. 

But be warned. If you think you know more about vampire history than probably don't. And if you do, I want to be your new best friend lol ! 

Yours Eternal, 
Rhiannon Mills

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  1. Anything that isn't Twilight/a Twilight clone I'm good with!

  2. Impressive feast of knowledge. I prefer my vampires in a porn myself :) Probably one of the greatest vampires written about, I would have to say, is Lestat. Anne Rice did an amazing job personifying the beast within. There even seems to be a great recurring theme of pity for the unfortunate dilemma vampires have to deal with. Far better intricacy than most of the cheap vampire knock-offs we have to deal with in today's pop-culture.

  3. I liked the idea behind Twilight. I just didn't like the sparkling vegetarianism in the books. If the vamps didn't sparkle and actually drank real human blood, it would have been better lol

  4. Joel, today's your lucky day. I just happen to know where the BEST vampire porn can be found lol. I even wrote an article about my vamp obsession: .

    Apparently, others love vamp porn too. Whodathunkit? lol.

  5. And Joel--Lestat was awesome. And if you like porn, have you ever read any of the erotic books Anne Rice wrote under the name A.N. Roquelaure? KINKY!...but she'll never write good books again. She's on a downward spiral, unfortunately, and it's very hard to watch...*sighs*

  6. NICE girl... very nice =) LOVE IT!!

  7. i used to be a huge vampire fan, wlways siding with them in debates and arguments, but now im more of a werewolf person, i like the animalistic freedom, not the cold feigned sophistication of vampire like in the Vampire hunter D series.

  8. Thanks Chloe :)

    Fit4Life--Oh, werewolves have a very special place in my cold, black heart, too. I love the animalistic side of them. I haven't written a good werewolf story yet, though. I've plotted a good one out in my head, though!