Man is His Own Worst Enemy

Sometimes, the worst of the gore comes from real life. Well, at least what could be real life, or could have been. Through movies and story, we are forced to accept the atrocities of man in various form. His violence. His anger. His hatred. His self-loathing. His frustration. All of these things walk out of the shell of what we deem sane and swim in the sea of insane.

These are nothing more than the truth of man. Maybe his desire. Hidden. Or not. Some reflect history, some symbolize it. But make no mistake, when it comes to gore, man is the greatest inventor of dastardly ways to make a presentation.

So today, we explore man on his journey. Where has he been? Where did he come from? Where will he go? If history has taught us anything, the answers are to the pits of hell, from the pits of hell and to the pits of hell respectively.

Ex#1: A Gun Isn't Enough.

It amazes me how often man uses weapons as a psychological means to something more grizzly. So often we see or hear a story about how someone pulled a gun on someone to get them to do something that ended up with their death, not related to the gun, irregardless of what they thought would be the outcome. And in these cases, I think I'd choose the bullet to the torture.

I can't think of a worse way to die. You think that if you just do what the crazy man says, he will let you go- then BAM! Your jaw cracks like a lobster claw at the hands of a high-dollar patron at some fancy seafood restaurant. What manner of man could even do such a thing? How does he sleep at night? This is probably the most vulgar of examples I can provide- and oddly the least graphic.

Ex#2 Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Scorned:

It is often said that a woman provoked wreaks Hell upon her antagonist. This ancient Greek play by Euripides is perhaps one of the best examples. In the short version of the story, Medea and Jason fall in love and have kids. Jason later obtains an offer to take the King's daughter as a prize or a bride.... Well Jason, Medea didn't like that too much so she:

Now, I first learned of this play taking a drama class in college. The version I watched showed Medea coming to greet Jason outside her home with blood all over her- which was later revealed to be from her having murdered her kids. I think that is a bit PG rated compared to the version I linked above. In one instance, the older son expedites the death process of the younger son- then goes on to expedite his own death... How sad.

Ex#3: Are You a Faggot? Bullshit!:

Eventually, the cruel nature of man can get to you. Your once happy thoughts, innocent and carefree in nature, turn into bitter lemons of vindication and dramatics. You seek to let the shitty world know just what they can do with themselves and the following is the result:

Well, to be honest, those assholes had it coming to them. The military, in this story, should have done a better job of filtering people out who clearly would not mesh with their hostile ways. And that drill sergeant was a prick.

Ex#4: They're All Going to Laugh at You....

The hell they are! Put pigs blood on me and I am going to decimate you like one of those comic books... you know like Jean from X-Men, when she discovers her phoenix thing. Yeah, screw you, you adamant little self-righteous bastards!

Before there was Columbine, there was telekinesis. Just like above, Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned...

Look, the point is that mankind is mean and violent to mankind. All of the above are stories that are fiction. But as almost anyone in fiction writing or anthropology will tell you, almost all stories are based on some kind of fact. In fact, some gruesome stories are buried in our history books even if, likeLizzy Borden (OJ anyone?) they were never proven.

So before you go out to strange neighborhoods, or join the Marines, or send your religiously dysfunctional reared child off to school, or decide to screw over your kids' part of the will, you'd better make certain they aren't some crazy ax-wielding, telekinetic psychopath waiting for their fifteen minutes of infamy... AT YOUR EXPENSE!

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