Choose Your Adventure!!! (HEY- pick one, not every page!!! Cheater.)

Evil children
Our love of blood
Crazed maniacal teddy bears with one eye
Lunatic figures of bloody history
Video game blood
Crazy teens fascinated with death
Half bleached dancers/musicians with epic videos....

This is a portion of where we have been in a few weeks. And I must admit, I am impressed with what this group is creating. Now, it is your turn to take the director's chair. Pretend like it's one of those awesome "choose your adventure books"- you know, the ones you had so many fingers in but eventually ran out and had to accept the literary death you created from bad choices (upon bad choices, upon bad choices)?

Maybe there is a great movie we need to watch and spread the word about. Or maybe a book. Or perhaps a crazy topic we've not yet covered. Whatever it is, post your blood thirst here and I am sure we will think of something to share with the rest of the Splattercore zombies.

Okay, unoriginal, I know. So propose some ideas for what you would like our following to be called.

Either way- give us some ideas. Or bring us a shrubbery. Either will be dandy and well and burns nicely in Hell.



  1. I love zombies. Very well, let me find some inspiration. Maybe I can convince Chloe and Rhiannon to make a dedicated zombie week!! :)

  2. What about some urban legends, how some are just so well documented that are creepy.

  3. Oh I like that idea. Will have to get back on my Jersey Devil bandwagon!